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PETA wants Octomom to Reconsider Getting Pet Pig

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A recent article on
notes that Octomom Nadya Suleman is considering adding another member to
her brood.

No, she's not thinking about having any more babies (at least as far as we
know). She's considering bringing a pig into her home. Actually, into her home isn't quite correct. She wants to buy a pig,
put a diaper on it, and have it live outside—because of the smell.

Pigs are intelligent, social creatures with complex
needs. Throwing such a sensitive animal into a mix of 14 kids who won't
understand him or her—and expecting him or her to live outside—is no way to
treat a family companion.

So, we've written Nadya to ask her to
reconsider her plans. Instead of adding another mouth to feed, we hope that
she'll focus on the 14 that she already has.

And if compassion doesn't change her mind, hopefully the fear of pig flu will.


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