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PETA Wants To Make Jeffrey Dahmer’s Former Home Into Vegan Restaurant

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to turn the Ohio house where notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer killed the first of his 17 victims into a vegan restaurant called “Eat for Life – Home Cooking.”

The group says eating animals is no different from cannibalism.

“Like Dahmer’s human victims, cows, pigs, and chickens are made of flesh and blood and fear for their lives when confronted by a man with a knife,” PETA said on its blog. “They are also drugged and dragged, and their limbs are bound. Their struggles and screams are ignored as they are killed and cut up to be consumed. Their bones are thrown away like garbage.”

The three-bedroom Bath Township home was recently put on the market for $295,000.

“We’re always looking for ways to turn cruelty on its ugly head, so when we heard that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer‘s childhood home had been put up for sale, we saw an opportunity to create good out of evil,” PETA wrote. “Rather than remaining as a stark reminder of its dark past, the building can instead become the site of a celebration of culinary compassion.”

“The difference is that when Dahmer was caught, his killing spree ended," its statement read. "Today, however, more than 30 billion animals are slaughtered in the U.S. every year in similarly gruesome ways for food."

“Dahmer’s old house gives us a way to evoke sympathy for these victims and to suggest that a life-affirming diet can change everything,” Ingrid E. Newkirk wrote in a letter to the real estate agent for the listing.

“It is unclear what Ms. Newkirk meant by ‘everything,’” wrote Charlene Sakoda of Yahoo! News.

In 1978, Steven M. Hicks, 18, was murdered and dismembered at the home. His remains were scattered around the 1.4-acre property. His flesh was ravaged by acid, and his bones were crushed with a sledgehammer.

After Hicks, Dahmer killed Steven Tuomi, 25; James Doxtator, 14; Richard Guerror, 22; Anthony Sears, 26; Raymond Smith, 32; Edward Smith, 27; Ernest Miller, 22; David Thomas, 22; Curtis Straughter, 17; Errol Lindsey, 19; Tony Hughes, 31; Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14; Matt Turner, 20; Jeremiah Weinberger, 23; Oliver Lacy, 23; and Joseph Bradehoft, 25.

After one year in prison, spent in solitary confinement, Dahmer was transferred to a less secure unit. On Nov. 28, 1994, two inmates beat him with a metal bar, and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital one hour later.

Sources: UPI, Yahoo!


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