PETA: Don't Put Meat in Electric Cars


By Karin Bennett

PETA urges enviro do-gooders to do better by going vegan. Sure, we at PETA sing the praises of electric cars, but Volt owners who load bags of revolting meat and dairy products into their trunks need to start humming a different tune.

That's why PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reimanhas written a letter to James Hunt, chief of Boston's Environmental and Energy Services, offering to buy space on the city's planned electric-car charging stations for PETA's "Meat's Not Green" ads.

The raising of billions of animals to become meat-lovers' main courses is a main contributor to environmental destruction—it's a leading source of greenhouse-gas emissions and causes water pollution and topsoil erosion. The meat industry runs on enormous amounts of fossil fuel and water—and the denials of those who ignore the fact that each package of meat represents immense, intense animal suffering.

Will PETA's ads grace electric-car charging stations in Boston? We'll keep you updated.


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