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PETA Takes Drug Giant to Court

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Merck's murky behavior isn't going to silence PETA. We're suing the pharmaceutical giant after it refused to include our shareholder resolution in the proxy materials sent to its shareholders, in violation—we contend—of securities laws.

Our resolution asks Merck to complete an annual report listing the number and species of animals used in its laboratories and for what purposes, which we believe might help prevent some of the most blatant abuse, such as what our undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS),  a Merck contract facility, uncovered last year. Aside from the horror of being experimented on, animals at PLRS were blasted with high-pressure hoses and harsh cleaning chemicals, slammed against the doors of their cages, and screamed at by workers.

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PETA is demanding that Merck either send out our resolution in time for the annual meeting or hold a special meeting just for our proposal. Please encourage anyone you know with stock in Merck to tell the company to stop hiding and let shareholders decide for themselves.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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