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PETA Says Eating Chicken During Pregnancy May Affect Child's Penis Size

Eating chicken could shrink your baby’s penis, according to the animal rights group PETA.

PETA recently sent a letter to Drew Cerza, the founder of National Buffalo Wing Festival, which read in part: “The latest scientific evidence shows that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller penises because of a chemical found in the birds’ flesh.”

“Findings published by the Study for Future Families showed that eating poultry during pregnancy may lead to smaller penis size in male infants,” wrote PETA.

However, Women’s Health says the chemical that PETA is likely referring to is phthalate.

Phthalate can cause shorter penises in boys who are born to moms that are exposed to very high levels, but chicken does not contain high doses of the chemical.

Women’s Health says that phthalate is found in many common day items, but only warns new moms to avoid using plastic containers or eating highly-processed foods.

Source: Women’s Health and


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