Top 10 PETA Blog Posts of 2010


Picking the top 10 PETA Files blog posts of the past year was harder than figuring out the plot of Inception, but we've narrowed it down to these posts, which cover everything from Lady Gaga's meat dress to our "Pope Condom" campaign:

  1. PETA's investigation of international animal dealerU.S. Global Exotics leads to the record-setting rescue of more than 26,000 animals.
  2. A PETA investigation at a Pennsylvania dairy farm reveals the filthy, miserable origins of Land O'Lakes butter.
  3. Worldwide outrage erupts after a girl is caught on video hurling puppies to their deaths
  4. Leaked photos from a company that supplies animal-restraint devices to laboratories show horrifically mutilated monkeys
  5. Lady Gaga's meat dressinduces a collective gag. 
  6. A laboratory investigated by PETA closes, and more than 200 animals are rescued. 
  7. An orca at SeaWorld dies at roughly half most orcas' expected life span. 
  8. Thousands of chickens are spared from being ground up alive
  9. PETA's use of the pope's image on a spay/neuter leaflet touches off controversy.
  10. NASA calls off itsghastly primate radiation experiments after hearing from more than 100,000 PETA members.

Which blog post got you the most fired up this year?

Written by Jennifer O'Connor


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