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PETA's Plan to Save Hello Kitty

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As a lifelong Hello Kitty fan, I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that Sanrio is looking for a new character to replace Kitty, who hasn't been a hot seller lately.

Um, hello? Sanrio, have you heard that there is a recession going on? It's not Kitty's fault.

Luckily, PETA is proposing a plan to save the world's cutest cat and real kitties: a new ad campaign and merchandise line starring Hello Kitty featuring the message "Hello Kitty, Goodbye Animal Homelessness. Please Spay or Neuter." No doubt, compassionate connoisseurs of cuteness would snatch up HK spay-and-neuter stuff in a nanosecond.

Let's hope Sanrio takes us up on our offer. In the meantime, you can bring the issue of spaying and neutering to the forefront with a "Spay Today, Save a Life Tomorrow" mug.

As sad as a world with no Hello Kitty would be, a world in which millions of real kitties are suffering on the streets and are euthanized for lack of a good home is a sad reality that we can easily fix with just one SNIP.

Posted by Lindsay Pollard-Post


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