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PETA Pushing Tim Burton To Change The Ending Of 'Dumbo' Remake

Animal rights group PETA is known for being extremely passionate about making sure animals are protected, but some say they are going too far in their attempt to have director Tim Burton change the original ending in his remake of the Disney film “Dumbo.”

In an open letter to Tim Burton, PETA’s senior president asks that the ending of the remake be changed from the original ending so that Dumbo and his mom can have a “happy ending.”

“We love the original Dumbo because it tells the story of the heartbreaking abuse that elephants in circuses endure, and we hope you will keep this storyline in the new film,” PETA senior president Lisa Lange wrote in the letter. “A bullhook is a sharp metal weapon used in circuses to control elephants—and it's the same tool used by elephant trainers in film and television. And just like in the circus, elephants used in film and television don't perform because they want to. They perform because they're afraid that they'll be beaten if they don't.

“We’re hopeful that in your adaptation of Dumbo,” Lange continued, “the young elephant and his mother can have a truly happy ending by living out their lives at a sanctuary instead of continuing to be imprisoned and abused in the entertainment industry.”

Neither Burton nor Disney has appeared to have commented on PETA's letter.

Sources: National Review, USA Today / Photo Sources: USA Today, National Review


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