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PETA Will Pay $17,000 For Arrest Of Man Caught On Camera Kicking Squirrel

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In a horrific 15-second video posted to Youtube, an unknown man can be seen kicking a squirrel from the precipice of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The man, who was aided by at least one other man, lured the squirrel to the edge of the canyon by laying down a trail of treats for it. Once it got to the edge of the canyon, the shirtless man snuck up from behind and punted it off the edge.

At this point, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have posted a $17,000 bounty for anyone able to give information that leads to the arrest of this squirrel-kicking culprit.

Ben Williamson, the spokesperson for PETA's UK branch, said in a statement, "It is imperative that any community faced with a sadistic and violent act such as this take measures to find the culprit or culprits and bring them to justice."

He continued, "Animal abusers are a danger to everyone - they take their issues out on whomever is available to them, human or non-human, and must be caught before they act again."

If found (and prosecuted), the heartless man from the video could face up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine if found guilty of disturbing or harassing wildlife.

Unfortunately, however, the man is likely go unprosecuted, even if he is located. As The Daily Mail points out, "It is unlikely Rangers would pursue animal cruelty under a state statute because that would require them to retrieve the squirrel and prove that it was injured or had died."

Jonathan Hildebrand, the man who filmed the incident and put it on Youtube, claimed innocence. He wrote, "I did not realize what was happening until it was too late." He continued, "I do not know who they are. All I know is that they were French." His footage has already received well over 100,000 views.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact Grand Canyon Chief Ranger Bill Wright at 928-638-7888.

Source: Daily Mail


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