PETA Please Pity The Sponge



This living being was not determined to be an animal until the 19th century CE.  It is the simplest animal on the planet, determined to be a member of the animal kingdom because it reproduces with sperm and egg.  It has cells with different functions, but lacks a gut, muscles, and nerve cells of any kind.  These animals are being killed to determine what causes cancer, how it uses sea water to make a silicon skeleton, and for potential use by the pharmaceutical industry.  Oh the horrors!  Exploitative humans are going to clean up by tearing the helpless sponge apart.  This has to stop!

We know that the horrid human race has made a mockery of these benign animals by making artificial substitutes with chemicals and selling them in all shapes and colors.  Real sponges were never meant to be pink!

It is also horrible to think of how many different recipes there are for sponge cake.  Someone is going to have to get their just desserts!


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