PETA India Protests Cricket World Cup


In what was perhaps the PETA India demonstration that turned the most heads to date, a group of women in "cricket uniforms" gathered outside the stadium where the Cricket World Cup 2011 games are held in order to call on the International Cricket Council (ICC) to punt leather balls and replace them with synthetic ones. 

By switching to synthetic balls, the ICC would spare cows from cruelty, such as being forced to march for days to slaughter without food or water and being skinned and dismembered, often while they are still conscious, which often happens in India. These days, with the technology that's available, synthetic options can be made to play well while being kind to animals, unlike their leather counterparts.

A cow bleeds to death in a standard Indian leather slaughterhouse.
© Anthony Lawrence

We're hopeful that the ICC makes the switch. After all, any game that uses the word "pie-thrower"  is right up our animal rights alley.

Even if you don't play cricket, you can help cows by switching to leather-free sporting gear. See PETA's cruelty-free clothing guide for a list of synthetic options.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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