PETA Follows the Example of "Star Trek" Vulcans

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Trekkies (and even "normal" people) everywhere are over the moon with excitement about the new Star Trek movie. Even if you don't know what Vulcans are, if you're a vegetarian then you already have a lot in common with them.

The always-logical Vulcans are ethical vegetarians—they don't even eat meat that has been replicated. Ring any bells? PETA recently offered a million-dollar reward for the commercial replication of in vitro meat, which could spare billions of animals from suffering and slaughter.

PETA Trekkies will be sporting their specially designed "Live Veg and Prosper" tees at theaters on opening night, putting an animal-friendly spin on the Vulcan greeting made famous by Mr. Spock (played by Leonard Nimoy, himself a vegetarian), "Live long and prosper." You can too!

Posted by Karin Bennett


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