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PETA Demands Cancellation of Bullfighting in Las Vegas

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PETA has learned that Portuguese, or "bloodless," bullfights are scheduled to take place at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas in September to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. In spite of their name, these barbaric events are rarely bloodless, and they are never humane.

Most bulls are tormented before they even enter the ring—their horns are often shaved to throw off their balance, and they are kept in total darkness prior to the fight to further disorient them. During fights, the bulls' tails are yanked and twisted, they are grabbed and pulled by their horns, and they are tormented, teased, and provoked into charging.

During a recent undercover investigation at so-called "bloodless" bullfights in California, investigators documented that matadors used sharpened nails attached to wooden sticks (disguised with ribbons) to stab and wound bulls during the event.

"Bloodless" bullfights masquerade as a humane alternative to traditional bullfights, but all bullfights are relics of a fading, bloody past. Please send a polite letter to South Point Casino's owner, Michael Gaughan, to let him know that there will be worldwide celebrations to commemorate Mexico's independence this September that don't involve abusing and tormenting animals. Ask that the casino cancel the bullfighting promotion and stop using culture as an excuse for cruelty.


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