PETA Defends Racy Ad-"Naked Angels Nothing New"


By Karin Bennett

We're heartened that our new ad, featuring Joanna Krupa and a lifesaving message about animal adoptions, is receiving strong support from Catholics and non-Catholics alike. However, we are perplexed by the few complaints we've gotten that we dared depict our angel in the nude! Why they want to cloud the issue at hand (helping millions of homeless cats and dogs) is perplexing: The Catholic Church has a long history of depicting their angels in the buff, so what gives?

Caring people everywhere, of all faiths, applaud our beautiful, artistic ad that encourages compassion toward animals—and Ms. Krupa for her decision to assist us in that effort. They also recognize that the anguish endured by millions of neglected and abused dogs and cats who suffer in backyards, back alleys, puppy mills, and pet stores is the issue that truly warrants our society's outrage and attention.


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