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PETA Creates Dairy-Free Chocolate "Bin Laden Bites" for Troops

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by Logan Scherer

I've heard my fair share of oxymorons, but never one as (literally) delicious and biting as this one: cruelty-free beheading.

When we heard that our troops in Afghanistan hungered for some chocolate, we jumped at the opportunity to send them some dairy-free delectable delights and even made a tastily topical design just for the occasion:

When the troops sink their teeth into our savory, veganchocolate Bin Laden Bites, they'll satisfy their confectionary craving while getting some sweet revenge by taking a bite out of Osama's head.

Who ever thought that chocolate could be this cathartic?

PS: We hope to start taking pre-orders for these choclates through our website in early December so keep an eye out for 'em. Proceeds from the chocolates we sell in the States will be used for our programs to help dogs, such as our spay and neuter clinic.


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