PETA Claims Victory as Urban Outfitters Becomes Fur-Free


Just a stone's throw away from my favorite New York City restaurant
is an Urban Outfitters store, whose aisles I've been known to peruse after a
hearty meal of soul "chicken" and homemade "ice cream" (all vegan, of course!).

Imagine my shock when, during a recent visit, I spotted fur in Urban Outfitters.
Not acceptable. It's 2009, and with major retailers such as
Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, Nike, JCPenney—and just about everyone else under the
sun—going fur-free, Urban Outfitters should have known better. But we all make
mistakes … unfortunately.

Well, after several personal e-mails to Urban Outfitters' CEO followed by a
PETA action alert, I'm happy to report that just a few months—and a few thousand
e-mails—later, Urban Outfitters has become fur-free! In an e-mail I received
from the company late last week, a representative wrote, "[T]here is no fur in
our stores, and this will continue to be the case."

Kudos to Urban Outfitters for making this compassionate decision, and kudos
to all our great supporters who help us win victories for animals by
participating in campaigns like this one.

Unfortunately, not all companies are as easily convinced. We sure could use
your help persuading Macy's to go fur-free.



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