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PETA Asks Rescuers to Help Animal Tornado Victims


As search-and-rescue teams are combing through the wreckage left in six Southern states by the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in 40 years, PETA is asking rescuers to look out for animal victims too. 

In an e-mail sent to rescue team organizers, PETA asked that emergency workers make a quick call to a local animal rescue group if they see animals who are injured, trapped, lost, or abandoned and provide the group with the animals' location. This will allow the local agencies to rescue the animals and reunite them with their loved ones.

The bond between people and their companion animals is very strong, and victims of disasters benefit from knowing that their companion animals are safe.

The time to prepare for keeping yourself and your animals safe in a disaster is now. And to help animal disaster victims, please consider a donation to PETA's Animal Emergency Fund.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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