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PETA Asks Numerous Rock Bands to Change Their Names

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You heard about the request for Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys, right? Well the Boys aren't the only group we think could use an animal-friendly makeover. The following groups could too:

--- Meat Puppets: Maybe as the Tofu Puppets, they can make a grungy comeback.

--- Meat Loaf: Meatloaf, do us and your colon a favor and change your name to Lentil Loaf.

--- Cattle Decapitation: As a band full of vegetarians, we think this death metal band would go for a change to Cattle Appreciation.

--- Deerhunter: Wouldn't you say it's about time for this acclaimed indie band to change their name to Deerhugger?

--- Leathermouth: I like what I've heard from peta2's Sexiest Vegetarian winner Frank Iero's band, Leathermouth. But I'd love Pleathermouth.

--- The Stray Cats: The Stray Cats are known for helping pioneer the rockabilly scene, but they would be known for helping spread a positive message with a new name, The Spayed Cats.

--- Skinny Puppy: Given their vocal stance on animal rights, such as with their anti-vivisection song "Testure," Well-Fed Puppy is an obvious choice.

--- Reel Big Fish: Fish? What fish? I have no idea what you're talking about. If you're talking about the adorable creatures of the sea with whiskers, you must be talking about Real Big Sea Kittens.

--- Pig Destroyer: Because pigs are such amazing animals, Pig Defender just makes more sense., keen to help PETA with our campaigns, has its own list suggestions too—some of which even overlap with ours! Hmm, which is better: "Real Big Sea Kittens" or "Reel Big Fish In A Suitably Large Tank With Adequate Room To Swim"? Decisions, decisions.

So which bands do you want to see change their names?

Posted by Amanda Schinke


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