PETA Asia-Pacific to Aid Tsunami Victims


The ferocious tsunami in Japan, caused by one of the largest earthquakes on record, surged several miles inland and claimed the lives of hundreds of people and countless animals. PETA Asia-Pacific is sending staffers to some of the hardest-hit areas along the eastern coast to offer aid.

The key to protecting ourselves and our animal companions in any kind of disaster is being prepared. PETA offers a tip sheet for animal guardians on how to prepare for any type of natural disaster that may arise. Tips include having an animal emergency kit ready, keeping all animal tags and records up to date, and having window stickers in obvious places on the front and back doors, alerting emergency responders to the presence of animals in the home. You can also help animals in disasters by donating to PETA's Animal Emergency Fund

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We will give you more information about PETA Asia-Pacific's rescue efforts in Japan as it becomes available.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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