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PETA, Anjelica Huston Outraged at CareerBuilder Super Bowl Chimp Ad

Animal activists are slamming the website for once again featuring chimps in its Super Bowl ad.

The New York Daily News reports that PETA released a letter that actress and noted animal activist Anjelica Huston wrote to CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson.

“I am distraught that CareerBuilder has decided once again to feature infant chimpanzees... despite the public outcry and the condemnation of every well-known primatologist.

“Great-ape ‘actors,’ without exception, are torn from their mothers as babies, violently trained and then left to languish in cramped cages after they grow too large to control.”

CareerBuilder has been using chimps in its Super Bowl ads since 2005. In fact, Huston leveled similar criticism at the company last year, to no avail, apparently.

The company, though, said it listens to what activists are saying.

“CareerBuilder supports the fair and humane treatment of all animals,” CareerBuilder spokeswoman Jennifer Grasz told Forbes earlier this week. “During the production of our ad, we followed the strictest guidelines to ensure our chimpanzee stars were treated well and not harmed. We hired top trainers known to provide the highest standard of care. We had a member of the American Humane Association on set during the entire filming to ensure the chimpanzees were treated with respect."

CareerBuilder has a lot invested in these ads. A 30-second spot on this year's Super Bowl costs a stunning $3.5 million.


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