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PETA Agrees with Italy's Cat-Stew Lover

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What do PETA and Beppe Bigazzi—the cat-eating host of an Italian TV cooking show—have in common? More than you might think. Bigazzi was suspended by his network RAI TV after he proudly confessed on-air to enjoying cat stew, claiming that the dish is a Tuscan delicacy.

Among those outraged by his comment were his own co-host, tons of disgusted viewers, and Italian Health Ministry Undersecretary Francesca Martini, who said, "Cats are pets protected by law" against "cruelty, maltreatment, and abandonment." But Bigazzi said, "Why, people maybe don't eat rabbit, chicken, pigeon?"

We couldn't agree more. If you think cat stew is cruel and disgusting—as anyone would—then you must also hate the cruelty behind factory-farmed meat. Pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals slaughtered for food are as intelligent and sensitive to pain as are our animal companions and could just as easily become our pals.

Wouldn't eat a friend? Then go vegan.


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