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PETA Under Fire For Allegedly Stealing Family's Dog Off Their Porch, Euthanizing It That Same Day

After a surveillance camera captured footage of alleged members of PETA kidnapping a dog off of a family’s front porch in Parksley, Virginia, on Oct. 18, 2014, it has been discovered that the animal group reportedly killed the canine that same day.

Maya was a healthy and loved dog, according to owner Wilbur Cerate, who said People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) visited their trailer park and made friends with many of the residents who owned pets. Cerate says he brought Maya home as a present for his young daughter, who was having difficulty adjusting to her new life in the United States after they recently moved to Virginia from their native Mexico, reports the New York Daily News.

For reasons unknown to Maya’s family, PETA employees reportedly waited until the family had left their home and then attempted to lure the dog away from her porch by throwing biscuits to her, reports

When that failed to work, footage reportedly shows the workers backing up their van to the porch and then capturing the dog and placing her in their van.

The family says they recognized the female PETA worker whom they spotted on the surveillance camera and that she had visited their home before. When they called PETA and asked that their dog be returned to them, they were reportedly hung up on.

“I was angry,” Cerate said. “I understand they pick up my dog. If it was in a tree or another place, but this is my house.”

Three days later, the woman Cerate says he recognized reportedly returned to the family’s home with a fruit basket and a message: PETA had reportedly euthanized their dog. The family was later reportedly told Maya was killed the same day she was captured. 

The woman was, at first, charged with larceny, but those charges were reportedly dropped because there was no evidence of criminal intent, according to police.

And there’s more to this story, according to reports. On the same day Maya was taken, other pet owners reported their animals as missing, leading some to question whether PETA had anything to do with it.

Sources: New York Daily News, Credit:


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