I understand the mission of PETA for the most part, but what I don't get at all are things like PETA groups going to the Westminster Dog show and putting anti freeze in the dogs water bowls while the dogs are in the show ring... I have many friends who show their dogs and this seems to be a problem at most larger shows.  The owners of the dogs are forced to remove their water containers when they can't be attended because of the threat of their dogs being poisoned. The organizers of the show's are forced to hire guards so that the dogs are safe from PETA members. 

Some how they justify poisoning animals because they don't think their owners are treating them ethically? Does this seem like a good way to show how much you care about animals?

Why aren't these people inprisoned for cruelty to animals..  Is it ok to take the life of a valuable animal or loved pet, but not ok to take the dog to a show ring? 


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