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Pet Shop Worker With 'I Brake For Snakes' Bumper Sticker Dies From An Alleged Cobra Bite

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Authorities discovered a Texas pet shop worker recently with puncture wounds on his wrists as well as a live snake in his car. He died at the hospital on Tuesday night.

Emergency medical services discovered Grant Thompson, 18, in his car parked outside of a Lowe’s, KXAN reported. Along with him, officials also discovered several animals including a non-venomous snake, six tarantulas and a bullfrog. He later died at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center in Round Rock, Texas. Officials are now attempting to figure out his cause of death.

Thompson was sent to the hospital to be treated for cardiac arrest. Medical personnel suspect that a snake bit him.

Animal control was on the scene to take the tarantulas, snake, and bullfrog.

Law enforcement officials went to Thompson’s house to investigate the issue and discovered that his pet Cobra was missing from its cage.

Thompson’s vehicle also reportedly had stickers that read “I Brake For Snakes” as well as “Dangers: Venomous reptiles.”

Thompson had worked at the Fish Bowl Pet Express in Temple, Texas, a store his family owned. His friends and family described him as a consummate animal love.

“This is tragic news. It’s so sad,” Rod Henry, family friend and president of the Temple Chamber of Commerce, told KXAN. “It sucks the air right out of you.”

Those in the city of Temple are now warned to keep an eye out for Thompson’s venomous monocled cobra snake.

“The best thing to do when you see a snake is turn around and walk away,” Henry said, commenting on snake safety. “That’s it. It’s very simple.”

Source: The Daily Mail, KXAN

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Wikipedia


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