'He Is Our Little Hero': Couple's Pet Pig Scares Away Burglars (Video)


A couple says their nearly 240-pound pot-bellied pig scared off a group of burglars recently. 

According to reports, Mike Maughan and his girlfriend Liane Scholz had their home was broken into on New Year’s Eve. Thanks to their two-year-old Canadian pig Ludwig, though, the burglars were sent fleeing the scene.

“It was New Year's Eve. When we came down in the morning, the door was open,” Maughan explained. “The room was still warm so they can't have been there for that long. They woke Ludwig up and he would have realized that we weren't up and would have been disturbed. The noise he makes is like a low rumble that sounds like the biggest Rottweiler you can imagine so they just ran. There were things in there they could have taken, like a bike, but they just left.”

Maughan and Scholz moved from Canada to England only two months prior to the burglary at their new home, and while the transfer of their beloved pet pig was challenging, they realize now that it was totally worth the effort.

“He is actually the first pot-bellied pig to be exported from Canada as a pet,” Scholz said. “Pigs are a nice pet because they are very intelligent but there is a trade-off. A pig is like a two or three-year-old toddler but he is a toddler who will never grow up and they live to around 20. Ludwig is my baby. The noises he makes are quite a nice low-decibel level generally, unless you are trying to make him do something he doesn't want to, then it just sounds like he is being slaughtered.

“He's like a guard pig,” Scholz continued. “We are safe because he is downstairs, protecting us and our home. It was such a relief that he was there. He is our little hero.”

Police say they are investigating the break-in, and the couple says they have chosen to abstain completely from eating pork to honor their hero pet pig.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Derby Telegraph, The Daily Mirror

Photo Source: Screenshot, The Daily Mirror


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