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Pet Owners Warned After Dog Eats Possibly Poisoned Hot Dog

Police in Crofton, Maryland, are warning dog owners to watch what their dogs eat. 

Nikki DeBrouse and her boyfriend, Reid McCargar, were out walking their two rescue dogs when they noticed one of them, Roux, was eating something.

“I realized he was chewing on something and I reached in to grab it, but he swallowed it right away,” DeBrouse said.

“I saw half a hot dog in the grass, which I thought was a little strange,” she added.

The dog began vomiting as soon as they made it inside.

“Once I realized it was a hot dog, I went in and inspected it and saw there was a blackish residue on the inside,” DeBrouse said. "And so I asked my boyfriend Reid if he could go back to where I saw the other hotdog and grab it."

There was a strong chemical smell coming from the hot dog, WUSA reported.

Animal control is now testing the hot dogs, but DeBrouse believes they were left there to harm animals.

"This is a very animal-friendly community," she said. "No one sticks metal and cleaner in a hotdog and caps it off with cheese and scatters them around the community.”

Sources: WUSA, CBS Baltimore / Photo credit: WUSA


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