Pet Owners ‘Devocalizing’ Their Dogs to Reduce Barking Sounds


Some pet owners are having their dogs undergo a ventriculocordectomy, a surgical procedure to remove some or most of the animal’s vocal chords, to cut down on loud barking.

After this devocalizing, dogs make low and harsh-sounding or high-pitched and raspy squealing sounds, reports CBS Washington D.C.

Devocalizing is banned in the United Kingdom and several parts of the United States, and has no health benefits for the animal.

Dog owner Sue Perry is trying to have devocalizing banned across the U.S. by petitioning the American Veterinary Medical Association [AVMA].

The AVMA’s animal welfare division assistant director Dr. Sheilah Robertson told CBS Washington D.C.: “Barking is a normal behavior for animals, and that’s how they communicate. Nuisance barking or excessive barking usually has an underlying social issue. Is it because a person leaves a dog alone for 12 hours? Does it have an anger issue is it because it hasn’t been socialized?"


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