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Pest Control Team Catches Enormous Rat In Dublin Attic

Pest experts in Ireland are warning residents about a disturbing new animal settling down in the area: cat-sized rats.

The warning was issued after a massive 24-inch rat was trapped in the attic of a Dublin home. Resident Grace Walters first became aware of the presence of an unwanted guest in her home when she heard loud scratching noises coming from her ceiling.

The family called local exterminator Total Pest Control to their home, and exterminators found what they said was one of the “bigger” rats they’ve ever seen. This raises the obvious question: if this is just one of the "bigger" rats seen, how massive is the biggest?

Total Pest owner Marcus Giusti said he was shocked at the size of the rodent, which measured in at an unsettling 24 inches.

“We really weren’t anticipating the rat would be that big,” Giusti said. “The trap didn’t have any impact on him so we had to stick our head up where the speaker was located and remove it that way.”

Giusti said keeping your house or apartment clean is a good way to ward off rats.

“I think it’s a lot to do with climate and hygiene,” he said. “If people leave their household bins overflowing and in disarray, they are essentially creating a food source for these animals.”

Let’s just hope these mega rats don’t make their way to a Dunkin Donuts anytime soon. 

Here are two pictures of the huge rodent:

Image placeholder title
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Sources: Mail Online, Irish Independent 


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