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Person Of Interest In Death Of Tyshawn Lee Held On $1 Million Bond For Unrelated Charge

Corey Morgan, 27, a person of interest in the killing earlier this month of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, was detained Nov. 18 for an unrelated firearms offense by Chicago police.

Morgan was arrested along with Dwight Boone-Doty because both men, who are convicted felons, were carrying guns, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Police say they stopped the pair in a car and discovered one weapon in Boone-Doty’s waistband, and another in a bag carried by Morgan.

Adam Bourgeois Jr., the presiding judge at their court hearing, set bail for each at $1 million.

Morgan was questioned one week earlier about the death of Tyshawn, who is believed to have been targeted due to a gang rivalry.

As the 9-year-old was walking to his grandmother’s Nov. 2, police say he was lured into an alleyway and shot.

The murder was described by Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy as “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime that I’ve ever witnessed in 35 years of policing.”

No charge was filed against Morgan following the questioning, and police have yet to issue any charges in Tyshawn’s death.

Reports claim Tyshawn may have been targeted because of his father’s gang ties, an allegation which his father has denied.

Pierre Stokes, Tyshawn's father, said he had heard of Morgan and Boone-Doty.

“But I don’t know them,” Stokes told the Sun-Times.

“I got nothing to say to [Morgan],” Stokes added. “I just want justice for my son.”

Community activist Andrew Holmes is hoping that if Morgan has any information about Tyshawn’s death, he will talk to police now he is in custody.

Holmes said Tyshawn’s murder is “going to be solved. I can guarantee you that. It’s going to be solved, whether they talk or don’t.”

The gang rivalries in Chicago’s South Side have made it difficult for law enforcement to obtain any information on the crime.

Police initially set the reward for information at $35,000 and a promise to relocate the individual. This was raised to $54,600 after a private donation and a GoFundMe campaign contributed additional funds.

Local residents have urged anyone with information to come forward. Father Michael Pfleger, of St. Sabina’s Church, told ABC 7 that someone from outside Illinois has offered to help with relocation.

“Come stay in my house until we relocate you,” Pfleger said in an appeal for information, according to ABC 7. “You can stay here, whatever it takes. But please do not allow this murderer to walk around.”

Sources: Chicago Sun-Times, ABC 7 / Photo credit: Cook County via Chicago Sun-Times

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