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Permit Suspended for Man Who Openly Carried Firearm, Body Armor at Movie Theater

Citizens have been on high alert for dangerous firearms in movie theaters following the Aurora Theater shooting in Colorado. One man in Detroit stirred up old fears when he showed up at a movie theater while wearing body armor and displaying a gun.

The FBI explained that authorities arrested Cassidy Delavergne and escorted him out of the Trillium Theater after somebody spotted Delavergne’s vest and gun. Despite the arrest, Delavergne was not actually charged with any crimes related to the gun or vest. He was, however, charged with possessing a phony card that states that he works for the Central Intelligence Agency. A court filing alleges that Delavergne showed people his CIA card to reduce concerns about his gun.

Delavergne's concealed carry permit has since been suspended, but it is unclear why considering that he did not break any laws relating to his firearm.

The authorities might actually find themselves in a bit of trouble. If Delavergne was not charged with any crimes relating to the gun, then that would suggest that he did not break any laws. Authorities might have arrested a man who was operating well within his legal rights.

Delavergne might not face any charges over the CIA card, either. If authorities obtained evidence of the card because they arrested him without justification, then that evidence will likely have to be thrown out because the evidence was obtained illegally without a warrant.

This could provide Delavergne grounds to sue. Between the misguided arrest and the possible violation of his fourth amendment rights, Delavergne could have all of the legal ammunition he needs to extract a hefty settlement from the state.

What are your thoughts on Delavergne’s actions? Was he asking for trouble walking around in body armor and flashing a CIA card? Do you believe that the authorities had no business interfering with Delavergne? 

Source: Detroit News


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