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Permission Slip Warns Children Could ‘Touch Mud’ While Playing Outside

A Reddit user recently posted a permission slip from her daughters’ school advising parents that their children might "touch mud" or "come in contact with the ground" if they are allowed to play outside. The note also warned that the school grounds contain a stream, a lake, a woodland area and large fields.

The slip also informed her that her children might "see birds, bugs, animals, trees and plants in a new way" as a result of spending time in the playground and that their clothes could become wet or dirty, 9 News reported.

Miss_Interociter wrote: "I just had to sign this permission slip for my kids' school. There are no words."

She added: "Hey all: I get that this permission slip was partially tongue-in-cheek. But it was also to ward off complaints from Those Parents(tm). I get that they were trying to be funny, I really do. The sad thing is, they were trying to be funny and cover their own a-- at the same time. To me, the true WTF is that schools today need to find funny, tactful ways to warn parents that kids will be kids during the school year. That should be a no-brainer IMO.”

One user replied with this comment: “I like to dress my daughter in nice clothes for school and day care. I also don't give a flying rat's a-- if she ruins it in one day. If you're buying clothes for a preschooler and expecting anything other than complete destruction of the item through normal wear and tear, you're an idiot.”

The note is below:

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Sources: 9 News, Reddit


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