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Perhaps Abstinence Education Should be Called "Smart Sex"

Last week I wrote a post titled "Progressives and Sex Education." Take a look a this from World Net Daily:

The National Abstinence Education Association has noted, "A survey from Zogby International showing that when parents become aware of what abstinence education vs. comprehensive sex education actually teaches, support for abstinence programs jumps from 40 percent to 60 percent, while support for comprehensive programs drops from 50 percent to 30 percent. And 59 percent of parents said more funding should go to abstinence education; 22 percent said more should go to comprehensive sex education."

"Many groups and individuals up until yesterday had relentlessly railed against abstinence programs as totally ineffective, even counterproductive," Stevens said. "They had used their own studies to convince many legislators, including President Obama, to eliminate federal funding for abstinence programs altogether, in the process depriving teens and their parents from a potent resource that can mean a lifesaving difference.

In other words, people shy away from the notion of abstinence education because they think it translates to a bunch of teachers imposing their morality on kids. That's not what abstinence education is. In fact in my opinion they need a whole new name for it.

Maybe "Smart Sex."


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