Performance Artist Plants Fake Bomb At Site Of Boston Bombing (Video)

A Boston performance artist was arrested after planting a backpack near the finish line of the Boston Marathon exactly one year after the tragic bombings that left three people dead and over 260 people injured.

The man, Kayvon Edson, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and posession of a hoax device. According to reports, Edson was seen walking down the street at the site of last year’s bombing dressed in all black and yelling, “Boston strong!” Before being apprehended, he dropped a black backpack that sent the city into frenzy.

“All of a sudden you hear this guy go, 'Boston Strong, Boston Strong,'" said one witness. "So I turned around, he's right next to me walking by, and there's two Boston cops standing on the corner ... so they turn around, they caught wind of it, and they go 'Hey, you come here.' And he goes 'Get away from me.' So another cop came around him, grabbed him, started struggling with him over the backpack, they pulled the bag off him and then they tackled him and took him down.”

Police then urged spectators to leave the area immediately, and after examining the backpack, they performed a controlled detonation. As authorities discovered, the backpack contained a rice cooker filled with confetti. Edson, as a self-proclaimed performance artist, was clearly trying to make some statement by using the rice cooker, but needless to say, nobody was inspired by his art.

"Those survivors have become our symbol of hope and to think of what they must have gone through emotionally" said witness and running coach Laura Ingalls of the bombing victims that were there during the bizarre incident. "I'm really trying to calm down. It was infuriating."

Reports also claim that another backpack was discovered near the bombing site, but that, too, was detonated by Boston bomb squad. In a 2012 YouTube video, Edson described himself as “a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, a performance artist, a mental patient, a blogger/bloggerist, a jailbird, a college dropout and a drag queen."

It’s safe to say that Edson won’t be doing much performing anytime soon, as he’s currently in police custody and is facing serious charges that will likely send him to jail.


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