Performance Artist Nails Testicles To Red Square To Protest Russian ‘Police State’


Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky was hospitalized Sunday after he stripped naked and nailed his testicles to a cobblestone in Red Square to protest the Russian “police state.”

Pavlensky, 29, sat naked on the cobblestones outside the Lenin Mausoleum and reportedly nailed his testicles to a brick, mutch to the horror of people passing by.

He was taken to a central Moscow clinic for treatment and was then transported to a police station, reported state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

In a statement to a Russian website,, Pavlensky said the display was meant to draw attention to the Kremlin infringing on political rights and creating a “police state.”

The Saint-Petersburg based artist has made other controversial displays, including sewing his lips shut in protest the conviction of two members of the female music group Pussy Riot for playing an anti-Putin song in the middle of Moscow’s St. Basil's Cathedral.

Sources:, Raw Story


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