Three Words Describe The Best Reason A Postal Worker Couldn't Deliver A Package Ever (Photo)


It’s common for a delivery man not to be able to drop off a package – usually because no one is home. But in the wild world of Vancouver, Canada packages go undelivered for much more exotic reasons. Like bears.

A Canada Post delivery man left a note on a man’s property with a very reasonable explanation for why his package wasn’t at his door.

“Bear at door,” the note said.

The house’s resident couldn’t help but share a picture of the note with the web.

Here it is:

Image placeholder title

For good measure, the Canada Post deliverer snapped a picture of the bear. You can’t blame them for not wanting to tangle with this:

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Canada Post reached out to the home’s resident and said they wanted to investigate the story. The homeowner, Matthew Fane, said that’s not necessary.

“The service was great,” he tweeted. “Just thought it was funny.”

Sources: Huffington Post, MailOnline


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