Perfect Suburban Family Torn Apart By Mom's Dark Secrets

Strange details have emerged from the divorce case of a couple who appeared to be living the American dream in their upstate New York home in Westchester County.

The couple in question is Michael Cunningham and his wife DKNY Swarovski Cunningham, both 41, reports the New York Post.

Michael apparently never wondered why his wife was named after a line of fashion accessories by the designer Donna Karan, namesake of the company DKNY. As far as he knew, she was originally from Milan, Italy, where she was raised as an orphan after her parents died in a car crash when she was 11.

He had no reason to doubt her. “We went to Italy, we met people who were supposed to be her previous employees, previous friends, they all spoke Italian to each other,” he explained.

But it turns out she is actually a Mexican immigrant who arrived in the U.S. at age 19, then legally changed her name to DKNY Swarovski two years later.

Eventually she met Michael, who had a successful career on Wall Street, and they married in Las Vegas in 2004. For the next ten years, she enjoyed the life of a stay-at-home mom, driving the couple’s two kids to their sports activities in her Porsche.

However, Michael filed for divorce in 2014, citing DKNY’s unwillingness to allow his friends or family associate with their children.

Then, during a 2015 therapy session, their 8-year-old son made the shocking accusation that his mother had tried to strangle him in 2014 with some headphone wires. The alleged incident happened when DKNY “absconded” with the kids to Colorado and returned home only after being threatened with arrest, according to Michael.

“Mom tried to kill me an it wasn’t an accident she put a cord around my neck,” the son was quoted as saying.  The alleged attempted strangling was done so that DKNY could kidnap her 5-year-old “without the extra baggage,” the divorce judge Linda Christopher explained.

“This case is unlike even the most horrendous cases of abuse and neglect that Family Court judges must preside over,” whote Christopher in her ruling. “Attempting to kill one’s own child in a calculated, coldblooded manner is a rarity,” she emphasized.

In her defense, DKNY said: “I’m going through a very ugly divorce and my children have been brainwashed by my ex-husband,” she said. She declined to comment any further.

Sources: New York Post, DKNY.com / Photo Credit: New York Post

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