Woman Who Named Daughter 'Isis' Receives Backlash

The name Ciara Martinez chose for her daughter five years ago was originally associated with the Egyptian goddess of nature, magic and the oppressed — an Egyptian goddess who is considered the ideal wife, woman and mother.

Carbonated.tv reported that Martinez chose the name to capture strength and noble attributes for her daughter who has Rett syndrome and would always be marked as different.

Now, although 5-year-old Isis Martinez was given the name for its original connotation, the little girl’s name is now also unfortunately associated with Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that is comparable to autism, almost exclusively affects girls. With similar symptoms to autism as well as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and anxiety disorder, Isis fights a daily battle.

With the numerous obstacles and various challenges the little girl regularly faces from the syndrome affecting about 1 in 10,000 girls, her mother says Isis has proven worthy of the name.

“It suits her perfectly with her condition now because she’s beaten so many odds,” Martinez told KGUN.

Inspired by daughter, Martinez created a group called "Pretty Halos" to raise awareness for the disease and to bring hope to other families going through their own struggles with the disorder, reported LiftBump. The group sold decal stickers at a local car show it holds to lend support and represent the cause.

The window stickers that read “#TeamIsis” have now caused major problems for those who chose to display them.

"There were people trying to run me off the road, people flipping me off, cursing at me," said Martinez.

According to KGUN 9 News, a friend of Martinez's was investigated by the FBI because of the #TeamIsis decal she had displayed on her car. Martinez says she and her friends have now taken the stickers off their cars, but problems with her daughter's name persists.

"The hardest part is people saying 'you really should change her name, its not an appropriate name, it's a disgrace to America,'" Martinez told KGUN.

The Arizona mother says she will not change her daughter’s name, and will continue to fight for other girls called Isis.

Source: LiftBump, Carbonated.tv, KGUN 9 News

Photo Credit: YouTube via LiftBump


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