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People See Woman Breastfeeding On The Ground, Then Notice The Blood (Photos)

A remarkable moment in which a severely injured woman had the presence of mind to breastfeed her child was captured on camera and uploaded to the internet (video below).

The video footage, originally uploaded to LiveLeak on June 22, was taken after a motorcycle crashed into a car, The Huffington Post reports. The accident reportedly occurred in Brazil.

The woman, whose bloody leg appears to be badly broken in two places, can be seen calmly shifting her toddler from one side of her breast to the other as onlookers crowd around to see if she is OK. No paramedics had arrived on the scene yet.

The motorcycle, presumably the woman's, is shown crushed under the front of a nearby car.

Another person sitting just behind the woman appears to be injured and bleeding as well.

The comments posted underneath the video on LiveLeak are a mix of admiration for the woman's composed response and criticism for the mother riding with her toddler on a motorcycle, if that was indeed the case.

"She knows her priorities," one user wrote. "Good mom."

"If that baby was riding on the bike with them, then she is a horrible mother and her kid should be removed before it's too late," another wrote.

Warning: Graphic content

Sources: Huffington PostLiveLeak / Photo Credit: LiveLeak via Huffington Post, QNSHeadlines/YouTube

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