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Couple Tries To Sell Baby for $25 in Wal-Mart Parking Lot

If you ever want to kill an hour at work one of the best ways is to head over to People Of Wal-Mart. I'm not sure if Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20 have actually been inside a Wal-Mart, but they certainly are familiar with the parking lot.

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Two women called police after Patrick had approached them offering to sell his newborn. At first they thought he was joking, but he kept asking them and at one point brought his price down to $25.

After the women called the police, Patrick and Samantha ran away. Police found them a short time later at their home where they were both high on meth. Samantha also admitted to the police that she breast feeds her child while smoking meth at the same time.

The parents were arrested and taken to jail and the baby is with Child Protective Services.


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