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People Notice Something Strange About How Barron Trump Got To School This Morning

Barron Trump was dropped off to school this morning by only two SUVs, putting to rest fears that his daily commute would cause traffic in New York, but there was one thing different this time - Melania Trump didn't appear to go with him.

Fears that Barron Trump's trek to school every morning would cause gridlock in the Upper West Side of New York City have been allayed after the 10-year-old's return to school on Jan. 26 went off without a hitch.

Barron was driven to Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in a black SUV, which was shadowed by another SUV, according to TMZ. The lack of motorcade has led to speculation that Melania did not accompany her son to school as she did prior to her husband's inauguration. People have noted, too, that the point of the First Lady staying in New York instead of moving into the White House was to be there to accompany her 10-year-old son to school and let him finish out the year.

New Yorkers were relieved that Barron's trip to school did not result in any traffic congestion. The Secret Service did not halt traffic along the route, reports TMZ.

However, there remain concerns among the parents of Barron's classmates, who reportedly worry that his presence could heighten security issues at the school.

"Some parents are freaking out and worked up about security and what the school is going to do," a board member told Vanity Fair, according to Us Weekly.

Others expressed concern about the need for Secret Service agents in and around the school, arguing that Trump's decision to keep his family in New York until the summer is an example of his "lack of regard for others as well as his lack of respect for protocol."

Trump had confirmed in November 2016 that his wife and son would be staying in New York until Barron finished out the school year.

"Like any parents, they are concerned about pulling their 10-year-old son out of school in the middle of the year," a spokesperson for Trump explained.

Sources: TMZ, Us Weekly / Photo credit: TMZ

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