Melania Trump's Style Under Fire In Fashion Column (Photos)

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Melania Trump is once again in the headlines for her choice of fashion after receiving backlash for wearing high heels as she went to visit victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The criticism began when a woman named Marina of West London wrote to The Guardian's fashion column, Ask Hadley, with the following question:

"Have you detected any indications of nascent resistance in recent clothes choices made by Flotus Melania Trump?" She later added, "P.S. I think he would hate any Missoni."

The question referred to Melania's choice to wear an emerald-green dress by Italian fashion brand Missoni to a family trip to Camp David -- 62 miles from the White House -- on Aug. 25.

According to Footwear News, a similar version of dress in black retails for $1,880.  The price  of the orange snakeskin pumps that Melania paired with the dress has not been reported.

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Hadley Freeman, columnist for "Ask Hadley", took a rather satirical and sarcastic approach to reader Marina's question.  

A sense of the derisive tone of the article is perhaps most evident in its title: "Malfunction of the Melania-bot: was the first lady’s Missoni dress an act of rebellion?"

"You raise a beady-eyed point, Marina. I, too, was taken aback by Melania’s recent choice of a long, loose, knitted Missoni dress for her trip to Camp David," Freeman began. "It was a beautiful dress, no question, but it didn’t exactly fit in with Melania’s usual glamazon-fembot-princess perfect style. You can imagine Donald Trump looking at it and asking his wife why she was wearing a table cloth, because it dared to hang loosely."

Freeman went on to mock the president for his wives' choices of clothes over the years, accusing him of liking clothing that the "girlfriend of a villain in a 1980s movie would wear."  She also implied the Trump's preferred style might be an attempt to reaffirm his manhood.

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"They need to be clothes that are visibly expensive, because that, in Trump’s mind, then insinuates the lady wearing them lives with a big man who makes a lot of money and that’s super important, because a man who has lots of money is guaranteed to be extremely smart and have an enormous penis and that’s a scientific fact."

Some individuals have expressed contempt at what they perceive to be The Guardian's harsh criticism of Trump and his family.

"They do it all the time," wrote one user in a thread on Above Top Secret. "They are constantly trolling Melania and Ivanka. The Guardian is the most hypocritical outfit I can think of right now; Liberals false to the core. They have put me off Liberalism FOREVER."

Another commenter on The Guardian agreed with their assessment, writing  that the president wants women to dress "awkwardly trussed in restrictive clothing which prevents escape and has one at all times sexually available."

Sources: The Guardian, Footwear News, Above Top Secret / Featured Image: Disney - ABC Television Group/Flickr / Embedded Images: REX Shutterstock via Footwear News (both images)

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