UFO Reportedly Seen Flying Near Empire State Building


British tourists claim they took a photo of a UFO flying near New York's Empire State Building on April 2.

The man, who is identified only as D, took the cellphone picture while touring New York City with his girlfriend, the Daily Mail reports.

The witness promptly reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network, which archived the incident as Case 75586.

“Hi my names "D" from the UK. I’m visiting NYC with my girlfriend and have just been looking back through my previous days photos and seen this. Don't know what it is, but looks freaky!” the man wrote to MUFON. “Hopefully you guys can sharpen the pic up and tell me what it is. In one of the pics I’ve tried to zoom in and put some filters on it to see if it shows anything different ... but I’ve sent the original also.”

Some well-known UFO experts were excited by the incident and offered their thoughts.

“For this UFO to have been so close to the Empire State Building it had to have been cloaked,” wrote Scott C. Waring in a UFO Sightings Daily blog post. “Aliens have a high interest in how we try to preserve our old culture, and this building is a prime example of what they would like to see.”

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Waring thinks the UFO may have accidentally “uncloaked,” revealing itself to D.

It’s a theory that  adds credence to a popular claim aliens have been paying tourist visits to Earth, much in the same way Earthlings would go on a safari.

The claim was bolstered in 2012 when it was revealed U.K. Ministry of Defense officials have also seriously contemplated this notion, The Huffington Post reports.

"If the sightings are not of this earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority," one officer wrote in a 1995 briefing. "There has been no apparently hostile intent and other possibilities are: a) military reconnaissance b) scientific c) tourism."

Sources: Daily Mail, UFO Sightings Daily, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: D via UFO Sightings Daily

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