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Ben Affleck Receives Thorough Pat Down From TSA (Video)

Video has surfaced online showing movie star Ben Affleck being patted down for a full minute by a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport (video below).

In the clip, which was published by TMZ Jan. 11, Affleck, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, stands motionless with his arms at his sides as the agent checks each of his pockets several times. The agent also slides his hands up and down the actor's back, chest and legs.

Some who watched the video on TMZ's Facebook page said the TSA agent went overboard.

"I think that was a little excessive," one user wrote. "I've traveled plenty of times and never seen a pat down like that."

"That's the world we live in," wrote another. "All that to get on a plane. Sad."

Others leapt to the TSA's defense.

"He's not special," a user said of Affleck. "Everyone should be thoroughly checked. Can't trust anyone these days."

Finally, some people joked that they too would have taken advantage of the opportunity to search the famous actor.

"I would pat Batman down given the chance," a woman commented.

Sources: TMZ, TMZ/Facebook, YouTube / Photo Credit: TMZ via YouTube

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