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Trump Takes Rare Sips Of Wine At U.N. Assembly (Photos)

Trump Takes Rare Sips Of Wine At U.N. Assembly (Photos) Promo Image

President Donald Trump reportedly broke one of his own personal rules during the United Nations reception by drinking wine.

Trump, who previously revealed he doesn't drink because of his late brother's alcoholism, took two sips from a wine glass filled with a maroon-colored drink on Sept. 19, the New York Daily News reported.

The president was leading a toast to the "great, great potential" of the U.N. at the time. He immediately handed the drink over to an aide as he went for his seat.

Trump was then seen taking another sip after toasting to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guteres, the Daily Mail reported. Several reporters took to Twitter to make note of the unusual sight.

"Is that wine or Diet Coke for Trump?" tweeted NPR politics editor Domenico Montanaro.

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"Trump famously doesn't drink because of his brother, Fred," wrote NBC host Katy Tur. "It looks like he just had a sip of wine. Has anyone else seen that before?"

Bloomberg White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs called the mystery drink "maroon liquid," while Fox News correspondent Ellison Barber said it "seems to be wine."

During a 2015 "60 Minutes" interview, Trump revealed that he avoids drinking because of his older brother's fatal struggle with alcoholism.

“He would tell me constantly, ‘Don't drink,’” Trump said at the time. “And I've never had a drink. I own the largest winery on the East Coast and yet I don't drink, which is a little weird. But he said, ‘Don't drink. Don't smoke.’ And he would tell me all the time.”

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However, it appears as though the president may have bent his own rule while toasting at the U.N.

"For years I've been a critic, but I have also been somebody that said that the United Nations has tremendous potential," Trump said of Guteres. "I have to say that as someone born in New York and raised in New York it is a great honor to have the United Nations in New York and always has been.

"We are working very hard to solve world problems, but there is no better forum -- there can be no better forum -- and certainly there can be no better location where everybody comes together."

"So I want to congratulate you," the president continued. "The word is 'potential.' The potential of the United States in terms of what it's done has been wonderful, but we can do better and we're going to. The potential of the United Nations is unlimited.

"And I really believe, and I met your representatives and I know you well, you are going to do things that will be epic. And I certainly hope you will, but I feel very, very confident. So I just want to toast everybody in the room."

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Reuters via Daily Mail, AFP/Getty Images via Daily Mail

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