Creepy Doll Faces Keep Popping Up All Over Denver


Peculiar three-dimensional baby doll faces have been popping up across Denver and disturbing many residents. The creepy faces have been seen from South Broadway to Cherry Creek across curbs, medians and buildings.

“I’ve seen one over at Capitol Hill and another at Speer and Downing at the bridge,” Elaine Wahlquist told KDVR. “I’ve commented to my husband, ‘Look at those.’ But he never seems to notice them.”

Most of the images are pink and less than 6 inches long, but others have come in all sizes and colors. However, some of the artwork has also been torn down or broken in recent months.

“I don’t know. I think they’re … they’re a little disturbing,” Pam Schwasinger, owner of Strictly Nails Salon on Alameda Avenue told KDVR.

But not everyone is creeped out by the faces.

“We thought it was cool so we left it up,” said Joseph Ramirez, owner of Mutiny Information Cafe on South Broadway. “I remember we were all texting each other, sending each other pictures like, ‘Who is this? Who did this?’”

The faces first started appearing last summer, but nobody knows who or why they’re doing it, according to WTVC.

Several artists have claimed they know the artist behind the installations, but they are do not want to take credit or comment on the intention behind the work.

“Somebody who likes baby dolls?” Schwasinger said. “I do not know.”

“Not even going to speculate,” Ramirez said. “It’s art for art's sake. I don’t know.”

Adding, “It keeps the conversation going. I mean that’s good art isn’t it?”

“Right on. Keep doing it. Whoever you are,” said Ramirez​

Sources: KVDR, WTVC / Photo credit: @kenterdahl/Twitter

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