People Care About Child When She's Well-Dressed (Video)


A disturbing video (below) released by UNICEF on June 28 shows strangers caring for a 6-year-old girl on the streets when she is well-dressed, but ignoring her when she appears to be poor.

The social experiment was conducted in Tbilisi in the country of Georgia, notes the video.

The film crew tried a similar experiment inside a restaurant with the child, Anano, and found that strangers welcomed her to their tables and gave her money when she was dressed nicely.

But when Anano was dressed poorly, she was ignored and pushed away by adults.

One man asked somebody, "Can you take her out please?"

The experiment came to an end abruptly because it upset Anano, who is a professional actress, but still a kid.

"Because my face was covered in soot and my clothes were all dirty, this made me sad," Anano told the film crew. "They were all telling me to go away."

The video was produced to help promote UNICEF's "State of the World’s Children 2016" report that says:

Trapped in a cycle of disadvantage, children from the poorest households, like Sumiya, are effectively pre-selected for heightened risks of disease, hunger, illiteracy and poverty based on factors entirely outside their control. They are nearly two times as likely to die before the age of 5, and in many cases, more than twice as likely to be stunted as children from the richest households. They are also far less likely to complete school, meaning that those who survive this precarious start find little opportunity to break free from their parents’ poverty and to shape their own futures...

Around the world, children make up nearly half of the almost 900 million people living on less than US$1.90 a day. Their families struggle to afford the basic health care and nutrition needed to provide them a strong start. These deprivations leave a lasting imprint; in 2014, nearly 160 million children were stunted.

Sources: UNICEF/YouTubeUNICEF / Photo credit: UNICEF/YouTube

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