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Watch: Large Dog Takes Off With Vet On Its Back (Video)

Surveillance cameras captured the moment a veterinarian was taken on a ride by an uncooperative dog (video below).

Being a veterinarian can be rough. Not only is there a language barrier, but sometimes you might be dealing with a patient who is significantly larger than most.

This was the case for one veterinarian, who was having difficulty getting a large dog to cooperate with her.

In the surveillance footage, the vet is seen trying to restrain the dog, who appears to be a Mastiff, Time reported.

She calls for backup and a nurse comes over to help. Suddenly, the dog takes off with the vet on its back. The nurse runs after the dog while two other coworkers laugh in disbelief.

The video was uploaded on YouTube Jan. 23 and has been viewed nearly 1 million times in four days. Several users surmised what became of the woman.

“That nurse was never seen again,” one YouTube user commented.

“Rumors say, after the incident, the nurse decided to become a dog jockey in the Greyhound racing...,” wrote another.

Sources: Time, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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