School Allows Anti-Gay Symbol On Students' I.D. Badges


Students at a California high school were allowed to wear anti-gay stickers on their I.D. badges on the grounds of free speech.

"We all have a right to freedom of speech, but students also have a right to be educated without fear. This has always been our policy, and we will continue to enforce it," administrators at Shadow Hills School in Indio, California, said in a statement according to the Associated Press via ABC News.

The stickers include a small rainbow inside a circle with a line through it. Several students were spotted wearing the symbols, and one even made it his profile picture on Google Classroom, said Desert Sun.

"After consulting with district level personnel and our legal counsel, it was determined that these students do have the protected right to freedom of speech, just as students portraying rainbows in support of the LGBT would," an email statement sent to staff by school administrators said.

"If at any point students are interrupting class time to express their beliefs, they are to be sent to the discipline office with a referral for disruption."

Many students on campus objected to the symbol and the district's stance on the matter, saying that the LGBTQ community was being targeted.

"Yes, there is freedom of speech established by Tinker, but at least in my view, it's a hate crime because a group was targeted," Shadow Hills History teacher Amy Oberman said. "I'm Jewish, and if that had been a little swastika on my window, what's the difference?"

Sources: Desert Sun, Associated Press via ABC News / Photo credit: Desert Sun

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