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Anti-Hindu Signs Erected At Texas Dairy Queen (Photo)

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A Texas restaurant is attracting attention for its signs that represent remarks against Hinduism.

In Kemah, Texas, signs both inside and outside of a Dairy Queen franchise have been put up to showcase the owner’s anti-Hindu beliefs.

"Obey preserve implement constitution of the U.S.A.," reads the sign at the entrance of the restaurant parking lot. "'Not' monkey-ism of dark ages."

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Mohammed Dar, the owner of the restaurant, told KPRC News he believes Hinduism is based on racism, and "the source of racism today in humanity" stems from this religion. He does not believe the sentiment expressed in the signs is merely an opinion.  

"This the facts, anybody has a problem, I challenge them to prove me wrong," he said. "I do not practice racism but human equality."

Chris Bond, a frequent customer and friend of Dar’s, believes the signs upset some customers at first glance.

"There are certain customers that do get offended but they never take the time to actually look through the information to understand the whole situation," Bond told KIAH.

Dar, who identifies as Muslim, estimates that only about 1 percent of his customers have been offended since the signs were erected six months ago.

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Although Dar hopes customers ask him about the signs, many people believe his antagonistic posters will drive customers away.

"It’s not going to give him any more business," customer Gideon Elliott told KHOU. "It’s a bad business decision."

"Putting ‘monkey’ in front of something and then adding ‘ism’ to it [...] that’s probably going to be offensive to someone," said Adam Toups.

The group Hindus of Greater Houston is disappointed by Dar’s actions.

"While Mr. Dar has a First Amendment right to say what he wants at his own place of business, we find it disappointing that he chooses to malign Hinduism,” the group stated.

Those who attend the area's Sri Meenaksi Temple Society also believe Hinduism is being unfairly represented.

“Hindu philosophy allows one to respect other faiths and accommodate a broad perspective, rather than claiming monopoly of the Divine presence,” as written in a statement. “We believe in ONE God, who can be worshipped in its numerous manifestations, just as water can be in the form of ice, snow, steam or flowing river. Truth is one, but the wise call it by different names.”

Dairy Queen stated that Dar’s actions are not representative of the restaurant brand.

Sources: KPRC, KHOU, KIAH / Photo credit: KHOU, Grub Street

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