Student Fined $200 For Taking Second School Lunch


A Hayward, Wisconsin, high school student was fined $200 for taking a second lunch in the cafeteria.

According to NNCNow, the 16-year-old student was charged $200.50 after taking a second lunch without permission at school in December 2015. WGHP said the boy had been warned about taking a second lunch in the past.

“The student told the school resource officer that he receives one free lunch per day, but the one lunch was not enough and he is still hungry,” a circuit court brief read. “The officer advised him that he understood, but instead of stealing a second lunch, he needs to speak with an administrator …”

The brief also stated that the head cook pressed charges against the student, which school district superintendent Craig Olson said was false.

“Whether it be our head cook, whether it be a teacher's aid, whether it be a teacher or a superintendent of a school. The process is when someone sees something going wrong with any sort of discipline issue the first thing is that's a sign to the administrator. Then the administrator who is in charge of that element and goes through the investigation and there's some cases referrals to police happen and then police make decisions off statutes and whatnot,” Olson said. 

Olson maintained that his school has a system to ensure that no students go hungry.

“We have an unlimited salad bar, unlimited fruits and vegetables. Our cooks on their own money put money into students lunch account and also the Character Ed Account does that same thing,” he said. 

Disciplinary issues, Olson said, are first given to an administrator before an investigation is opened.

Sources: WGHP, NNCNow, EAG News / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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